About Us

Hi my name is Mary. I‘m located in Alanta, GA . Thanks for visiting my site. We are empty nesters and have three dogs for children. My husband calls them the Bible Boys. I got involved with coupons over a year ago. Yes, I’m a little compulsive. Yes, I got extreme.

couponsampleMy husband is very supportive of my coupon antics because he is a hoarder. (lol) I love using coupons and I love saving money but there was one problem: I could never get enough of the “Hot” coupons before the sale ended.

The coupons would come too late or I had to order from several different places just to get the quantity I wanted. My motto: is “Find a way or make one.” I decided to do something about it. My goal is to provide fast & what I consider reasonable quantities of coupons to save you time and money.